St. Norbert College Badges

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What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a shareable, flexible, verified micro-credential that reflects the range of your experiences and achievements in various learning environments.

As a student at St. Norbert College, you'll earn these badges for demonstrating achievements, participating in meaningful experiences, and being involved in the college's Catholic, Norbertine, and liberal arts community and core learning goals.

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Earn badges in each of the five goals of the core curriculum

St. Norbert College Badges

These badges are organized around themes related to the College's common learning outcomes:

  • Intellectual and cognitive skills
  • Understanding the world and one's place in it
  • Religious and spiritual dimensions of life
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Personal character and virtue

They are awarded during phases of a college experience we refer to as "Moving In," "Moving Through," and "Moving On," with focuses on, initially, experiences you might simply participate in that are meaningful, followed by experiences that allow you to build your strengths, skills, and competencies, culminating in a fully well-rounded, liberal arts experience. Students who successfully complete a number of these badges have an opportunity to wear a special pin at graduation denoting their SNC career.

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Core Curriculum Goals

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Moving In


Earn these badges for exploring meaningful participation experiences.

Moving Through


Earn these badges for exploring experiences that build your strengths, skills, and competencies.

Moving On


Earn these badges for exploring experiences that combine the skills you have learned with the question, "What will be my unique contribution?"


Fleur-de-Lis Pin

Badge Details

Intellectual and Cognitive Skills

Understanding the World and One's Place in it

Religious and Spiritual Dimensions of Life

Creativity and Self-Expression

Personal Character and Virtue

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